Hanbury Co-ordination Group...

Information & Contacts:

Main Contact: Clare Stallard

Tel: 01527 821917

E-mail: coordination@hanburyvillage.co.uk

Membership Criteria:

Hanbury Coordination group has been set up to give representatives of all groups and organisations in the parish an opportunity to meet up at least a couple of times a year.

If you represent a group or organisation not already involved in this group and would like to attend these meetings, please get in touch.


 There are no fees.



Members of  the Coordination group meet a couple of times a year to discuss :-

  • what their group/organisation do
  • definite and proposed activities for their group/organisation and dates in the months ahead
  • opportunites for co-operation on activities between gropus/organisations
  • publicity of these events
  • contact/group updates

Hopefully conflict of dates for local/area events and activities are few because of this discussion.

Members of the group have a contact sheet with names and contact details of all members.

When national events occur, the Coordination group may coordinate the celebrations or some activities for the parish. E.G. for 2012 - The Diamond Jubilee and The Great War 1914 - 1918



Hanbury Coordination group usually meet twice a year. In 2014, we have a small group looking at putting on events over the next four years which are linked to the Great War.  Once events are agreed, these will be added to this website's calendar.

Latest News/Activities:

The Great War exhibition  - in Hanbury Church

do come and have a look!